segunda-feira, 21 de maio de 2012

Johnny Rebel (Country)

Johnny Rebel - The Good Old South
o bom , velho e branco country redneck
  1. Ship Those Niggers Back
  2. Stand Up and Be Counted
  3. Looking for a Handout
  4. Kajun K-K-K
  5. Move Them Niggers North
  6. Nigger Hating Me
  7. Segregation Wagon
  8. It's Gonna Stay a Jig
  9. Johnny Reb
  10. Lyndon, Lyndon
  11. We Don't Want No Niggers
  12. Welfare Checks
  13. Living Next to Niggers
  14. That's the Way a Nigger Goes
  15. She Died a Nigger
  16. We is Non-Violent Niggers
  17. Some Nigger Never Die
  18. In Coon Town
  19. They Don't Belong in Dixie
  20. Who Likes a Nigger
  21. Who Needs a Nigger
  22. Still Looking for a Handout
  23. Black Power
  24. A Victim of the Big Mess
  25. What has Happened to Old Glory
  26. Dear Daddy Bird
  27. The Voice of Alabama
  28. Wake Up, My People
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